"...Brimming with optimism, youthful exuberance and creative energy...promising band that’s definitely on the rise. " - The Huffington Post
“Jordan” is a song with enough honesty to make an impact; the vocals, arrangement, lyrics and melody come together in a way that will make fans want to listen again and again."-The Boot
"No matter where you are, Roanoke will transport you to another place—be it a winding mountain road or a front porch swing. Their roots run deep with the heart of country music, the soul of the blues, and the grit of Americana music."  - Literally Darling
"It is sure to please fans looking for sounds rooted in the authentic, americana folk scene. If you’re fatigued by the state of the modern music scene, the sounds of Roanoke is sure to bring you back to a time of good old fashioned values." - Half Beat Magazine
"With Americana music in the hands (and voices) of bands like Roanoke, roots and traditional country music is headed in the right direction; as a devotee of Americana, I can tell you, there’s not a better find than Roanoke." - Mother Church Pew
"The folks behind Roanoke...one of the most promising up-and-comers in this scene, are ready to contribute to that history by telling stories of their own." - That Music Mag
"Roanoke is led by songwriters Joey Beesley and Taylor Dupuis, who weave together beautiful, yet relatable, songs of love and the journey of life.  Their soaring harmonies will provide immediate appeal to fans of bands like The Civil Wars, The Lumineers, or The Head and the Heart, and their backing band (Zach Nowak, Kyle Breese, and Jo Cleary) sounds just as tight as a group of grizzled, road weary musicians throughout the album." - No Country For New Nashville